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Selected Papers by William Stallings
Page last updated: 4/6/23

Network Functions Virtualization, Internet Protocol Journal, July 2021.
Privacy Impact Assessment: The Foundation for Managing Privacy Risk Cyber Security and Information Systems Information Analysis Center (CSIAC) Report, January 2021. There is also an accompanying podcast.
Security or Privacy? Can You Have Both? Computer, September 2020.
Data loss prevention as a privacy-enhancing Technology, Journal of Data Protection and Privacy, Volume 3, Number 3, 2020.
ISO Standards — a guide for privacy professionals, Privacy & Data Protection, Volume 20, Number 3, 2020.
Handling of Personal Information and Deidentified, Aggregated, and Pseudonymized Information Under the California Consumer Privacy Act, IEEE Security & Privacy, January/February 2020.
The offset codebook (OCB) block cipher mode of operation for authenticated encryption, Cryptologia, February 2018.
A Blockchain Tutorial, Internet Protocol Journal, November 2017.
Comprehensive Internet Email Security, Internet Protocol Journal, November 2016.
Format-preserving encryption: Overview and NIST specification, Cryptologia, June 2016.
Quality of Service and Quality of Experience: Network Design Implications, with Florence Agboma, Internet Protocol Journal, March 2016.
ICAM: A Foundation for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, IT Pro, January/February, 2016.
The Internet of Things: Network and Security Architecture, Internet Protocol Journal, December, 2015.
Gigabit Ethernet, Internet Protocol Journal, March, 2015.
Gigabit Wi-Fi, Internet Protocol Journal, September, 2014.
Inside SHA-3, IEEE Potentials, November/December, 2013.
Digital Signature Algorithms. Cryptologia, 37:311–327, 2013.
Software-Defined Networks and OpenFlow. The Internet Protocol Journal, March 2013.
NIST Block Cipher Modes of Operation for Authentication and Combined Confidentiality and Authentication. Cryptologia, 34:3, 2010.
NIST Block Cipher Modes of Operation for Confidentiality. Cryptologia, 34:2, 2010.
Protocol Basics: Secure Shell Protocol. Internet Protocol Journal, December 2009.
Standards for Information Security Management. Internet Protocol Journal, December 2007.
Understanding Federated Identity. Network World, September 3, 2007
The Whirlpool Secure Hash Function. Cryptologia, 30:1, 2006
IEEE 802.11: Wireless LANs from a to n. IT Pro, November/December 2004.
Session Initiation Protocol. Internet Protocol Journal, March 2003.
The Advanced Encryption Standard. Cryptologia, 26:3, 2002
MPLS. Internet Protocol Journal, September 2001.
Orthogonal Sequences. Dr. Dobb's Journal August 2001
Mobile IP. Internet Protocol Journal, June 2001.
IEEE 802.11: Moving Closer to Practical Wireless LANs. IT Pro, May/June 2001.
LAN QoS. Internet Protocol Journal, March 2001.
IP Security. Internet Protocol Journal, March 2000.
Differentiated Services. Communication Systems Design, February 2000.
Gigabit Ethernet. Internet Protocol Journal, September 1999.
Integrated Services Architecture: The Next-Generation Internet. International Journal of Network Management, March 1999.
Supporting Next-Generation Internet Applications Today. IT Pro, January/February 1999.
Security Comes to SNMP: The New SNMPv3 Proposed Internet Standard, Internet Protocol Journal, December 1998.
SSL: Foundation for Web Security, Internet Protocol Journal, June 1998.
Exponential Smoothing. Dr. Dobb's Journal, March 1998.
SNMP and SNMPv2: The Infrastructure for Network Management. IEEE Communications Magazine, March 1998.
SNMPv3: A Security Enhancement for SNMP. IEEE Communications Surveys, Fourth Quarter 1998.
Self-Similarity Upsets Data Traffic Assumptions. IEEE Spectrum, January 1997
IPv6: The New Internet Protocol. IEEE Communications Magazine, July 1996.
Digital Signaling Techniques for LANs. Communication Systems Design, June 1996.
Advances in High-Speed Networking. Computing Surveys, March 1996.
ATM Congestion Control. LAN Magazine, May 1995.
Congestion Control in Frame Relay Networks. Dr Dobb’s Journal, March 1995.
Kerberos Keeps The Enterprise Secure. Data Communications, October 1994
Password Generation by Bloom Filters. Dr Dobb’s Journal, August 1994.
A Practical Guide to Queuing Analysis. Byte, February 1991.
Reduced Instruction Set Computer Architecture. Proceedings of the IEEE, January 1988.
Digital Signaling Techniques. IEEE Communications Magazine, December 1984.
Local Network Performance. IEEE Communications Magazine, February 1984.
Local Networks. Computing Surveys, March 1984.