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New and Forthcoming from William Stallings

new1Information Privacy Engineering and Privacy by Design
This book provides a practical guide to designing and implementing information privacy in IT systems. The book introduces information privacy concepts and discusses privacy requirements, threats, and vulnerabilities. The book the discusses in detail the implementation of privacy controls, privacy management, and privacy monitoring and auditing. Finally, the book discusses legal and regulatory requirements, especially the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the body of U.S. privacy laws and regulations.

new1Cryptography and Network Security, 8th Edition
A tutorial and survey on cryptography and network security technology. Each of the basic building blocks of network security, including conventional and public-key cryptography, authentication, and digital signatures, are covered. Provides a thorough mathematical background for such algorithms as AES and RSA. The book also covers the recent development of lightweight cryptography and post-quantum cryptography. The book covers important network security tools and applications, including S/MIME, IP Security, Kerberos, SSL/TLS, network access control, and Wi-Fi security