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New and Forthcoming from William Stallings

coming5G Wireless Networks: A Comprehensive Introduction

This book provides the reader with a comprehensive understanding of 5G networks. The book includes the following major parts: an overview that covers cellular network concepts and 5G standards and specifications; a detailed descriptions of applications and use cases for enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine type communications (mMTC), and ultra-reliable and low-latency communications (URLCC); a description of the 5G core network, covering SDN, NFV, network slicing, QoS, and edge computing: and a detailed coverage of the 5G air interface and radio access network.
Available June 22, 2021
new1Information Privacy Engineering and Privacy by Design
This book provides a practical guide to designing and implementing information privacy in IT systems. The book introduces information privacy concepts and discusses privacy requirements, threats, and vulnerabilities. The book the discusses in detail the implementation of privacy controls, privacy management, and privacy monitoring and auditing. Finally, the book discusses legal and regulatory requirements, especially the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the body of U.S. privacy laws and regulations.